Mrs. Curry, the wife of J. H. Curry, a town Lawyer, became the town's first school teacher in 1882. School was first held in the Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church and then in the Train Depot, after it was constructed in 1883.

The first Schoolhouse was built in 1888. The school had two rooms and a hall. The school had three teachers and grades kindergarten through 12th grade. There was no running water, so students and teachers all drank water from the same bucket and dipper. This old wooden school burned down around 1926.

A new school was constructed in a Spanish style stucco building and opened in 1928. It had four classrooms, an auditorium, three porches and two modern restrooms. The Lake County School Board finally closed Lady Lake School on June 11, 1968. All students were bused to Fruitland Park and Leesburg for over 25 years until Lady Lake, once again, had its own school, The Villages Elementary of Lady Lake on Rolling Acres Road..

The old stucco school building was idle for many years. In the late 1980's, the United Methodist Church purchased the building and completely remodeled it.



Children raising the flag at the wooden shoolhouse.

The new stucco school. 

Students in the elementary school during one of its last years.