The museum was successfully established in 2000 at the old Train Depot with many artifacts and information collections.  Fourteen years later, it was time for the Lady Lake Historical Society Museum to modernize and establish a chronological series of exhibits that reflect Lady Lake’s picturesque history. The goal was to create an experience where visitors would be educated, entertained, and would walk away with a feeling of wanting to return. Come and explore the evolution of Lady Lake through exhibits that allow visitors experience the history of the area from the earliest Native American inhabitants to the current day depictions of tomorrow’s history. We strive to make our guests and all those with whom we come in contact, comfortable with the Lady Lake Historical Society Museum.
     That process begins at the first point of contact with our docent at the front welcoming desk. Next you proceed to exhibits on the early history of the Native Americans  and the Pioneer Families. The Seminole Wars, the Homestead Act of 1862, and the Railroad made conditions right for settlers to begin the growth and development of Lady Lake. Many descendants of the early pioneer families currently live in the town and have contributed to these exhibits. The general store exhibit has many interesting artifacts. In the early years of the business everyone came to the general store for groceries, except for milk which came from local dairies. It was also the place to get feed for your chickens and other animals.

     Early Victorian lifestyles are portrayed in the Teague Room. Andrew Teague moved to Florida in 1887 and lived in a wooden home on E. Lady Lake Boulevard. The furniture and artifacts displayed in this exhibit came from their living room.

     The train display is a great attraction for young and old and has contributed to a marked increase in museum attendees. The model train layout depicts Lady Lake and nearby areas as they were in the 1940s and 1950s. The railroad shows the line going through Lady Lake, Leesburg, and a small part of Clermont. All structures reflect the period and architecture of the era. The display was built and is operated by the Villages Railroad Historical Society as a joint project with the Lady Lake Historical Society Museum.  

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Tuesday:   10 AM - 1 PM
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Saturday:     10 AM - 1 PM

Closed All Days -- August
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Phone: 352-259-4359


Located in Log Cabin Park at the intersection of US 441/27 and West Lady Lake Boulevard.

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The Lady Lake Historical Museum welcomes visitors with special needs and every effort is made to accommodate them. The main entrance to the museum has a wheelchair accessible ramp. The front door and the museum exhibits are all wheelchair accessible. There are restrooms, all equipped for visitors with disabilities, located outside the museum at the museum level. Seeing eye, hearing ear and other animals assisting people with disabilities are welcome in the museum.